Ultima modifica: 25 February 2018

Como Lipomo Secondaria

5 July 17

European Institutions

Subject: Geography
Authors: Cristina Fontana, Angela Renzi, Stefania Poggio
School: IC Lora Lipomo
Target: Secondary Sschool

5 July 17

Food and diet

Subject: Science
Authors:  Angela Renzi 
School: IC Lora Lipomo – Como
Target: Secondary School

2 July 16


Subject: Science
Author: Angela Renzi
Consultant: Paola Stellati
Target: 1st year Lower- Secondary School

30 June 16

Rivers and Lakes

AUTORI Stefania Poggio Angela Renzi
Consulenza: Cristina Fontana
Destinatari: Lower Secondary School
CLASSE: PRIMA (1st year)

30 June 16

The Language of Art and Drawing

Materia: ART
Destinatari: Scuola swcondaria
Classe: Prima