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Diaz Secondaria

6 July 17

The Cell and its structure

Subject: Science
Authors: Valentina Alfieri, Enrica V. Giusti
School: IC A. Diaz
Target: Secondary School

26 June 17


Subject: Geography
Authors: Romana Bordone, Enrica V. Giusti
School: I.C. A. Diaz
Target: Secondary School

21 June 17

Describing and Analysing paintings of the Renaissance

Subject: Art
School: IC A. Diaz – Milano
Authors: Luisa Maria Noto, Barbara Floridia
Target: Secondary School

3 September 16

Weather and climate

Subject: Geography
Authors: Manuela Schiavone, Daria Salvo, Enrica Giusti
Lower Secondary School Scuola secondaria di I grado
Class: 1st year

5 July 16

Latitude and Longitude

Authors: Romana Bordone, Giorgia Ghezzi, Laura Perrone
Target:Lower Secondary School
Class: 1st year