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Villasanta Secondaria

5 July 17

Food preservation

Subject: Tenology
School: IC Villasanta
Target: Secondary School

4 July 17

Living Beings Rrelationship

Subject: Science Authors: PAOLA BOSETTI, STEFANIA TANGANELLI School: IC Fermi – Villasanta Target: Secondary School livingbeingsrelationshipsCOVER Teacher’s materials 2nd-lesson-resume-activity-TE AUTOTROPHS AND HETEROTROPHS-lesson2-TE Biodiversity in Monza Park-lesson5-TE BIODIVERSITY-lesson3-TE CLIL Learning Unit_Secondary School Fermi_module2 _revTS_plus act CLIL Learning Unit_Secondary School Fermi_module2 ECOSYSTEMS-lesson1-TE Final test Food-Web-activity-TE RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN LIVING ORGANISMS-TE Student’s materials 1st Lesson Resume-ST 2nd-lesson-resume-activity-ST AUTOTROPHS AND HETEROTROPHS-lesson2-ST    »

13 July 16

Materials and recycling

Subject: Tecnology
Target: 1st Lower Secondary School

6 July 16

Life in a drop of water

Subject: Science
Author: Giuseppe Stablum – Stefania Tanganelli
target: Lower Secondary Scholl 1st year

5 July 16

European cities

Target: 11 years old

5 July 16

Volleyball Clil Project

Subject: PHYSICAL EDUCATION Author: Floarea Urs School:Istituto Comprensivo Statale”E .Fermi”- “A.Oggioni” Villasanta Target: Lower Secondary School – 1st year Teacher’s materials: Fermi_s_Module_Volleybal_cover Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_Lesson-1 Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_Lesson-2 Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_Lesson-3 Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_lesson-4 Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_lesson-5 Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_Reference Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_Teacher’s worksheets Student’s materials: Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_SENworksheet Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_Students worksheet 7a Fermi_s_Module_Volleyball_Student’s worksheets